I combine a multidisciplinary design practice with a strong commitment to teaching. I see my professional and teaching work as a constant practical and intellectual inquiry into the profession as they continue to shape and redefine each other. See samples of student work prior to 2015 here.

Teaching history

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design Program, Art Department, State University of New York, New Paltz Graphic Design (Fall 2015)
Motion Design (Fall 2015–17)
Thesis II (Spring 2015–18)
Typography (Fall 2016, 17)
Interaction Design (Spring 2017)
Printed Books (Spring 2018)

Critic, Department of Illustration, RISD
Typography for Illustrators (Spring 2013–15)
Introduction to typography for illustration majors at RISD. Syllabus.
Words, Images, Ideas (Fall 2012–14)
In this class students are asked to investigate different approaches to visual narrative, learning to give meaning to visual form. Syllabus.
Illustrator as Designer (Spring 2012)
An introduction to graphic design for illustration majors. Projects include abstraction of type, explaining a plot of a film using simplified images, poster design, branding and visual systems, narrative design.

Adjunct Faculty, Communication Design and Digital Technologies, 
Parsons The New School for Design
Thesis I (Fall 2014). Thesis II (Fall 2012 and Spring 2015)
Class consists of guiding a group of seniors through the completion of their final project. Class is structured around longer individual advising and occasional group critiques and presentations.
Motion Concepts (Fall 2014)
An introductory class to theoretical and practical concepts essential to the field of motion graphics. Syllabus.

Core: Time (Spring 2013)

Studio/lecture class introducing freshmen to time-based work. Lectures address the film form, style, types of film. Students are exposed to work from the beginning of film-making to contemporary experimental and animated films as well as video and installation art. Projects include a narrative piece based on a biographical event, followed by a collaborative documentary and type in motion project. Some of the work from the class can be seen here. Syllabus.

Section Leader, Department of Graphic Design, RISD
History of Graphic Design, Spring 2011
This is a required class for sophomores in the Graphic Design curriculum. The class is divided into a lecture and studio component. One teacher, Douglass Scott, gives slides lectures during the first half of the class. For the second part, students break up into their sections to meet with studio instructor who is responsible for the studio part of the class.

Instructor, Continuing Education, RISD
Visual Thinking (Spring 2011)
I considered Thinking Visually a beginning graphic design class. Students are asked to go beyond form-making explorations and begin marrying meaning with form while continuing to learn image-making techniques. Projects include: artist poster, multi-page narrative, exercise in reducing complex ideas to icons.

Teaching Assistant, Department of Graphic Design, RISD
Making Meaning (Spring 2011)
Typography II (Fall 2010)

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